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Why Detect leaks

Portable Fault Locating Ultrasonic Leak Detector Sets (with Stethoscope Probes)

For Locating: (i) leaks in compressed air/gas installations; (ii) Mechanical detections; (iii) Electrical arcing and corona discharge

Logis-Tech Associates has now introduced the latest generation of portable ultrasonic leak detector sets (with stethoscopes) and are now selling them worldwide. These ultrasonic leak detectors serve three main major functions: (i) leak detection in compressed air, gases and vacuum installations, steam traps, pipe systems, tanks, etc., (ii) mechanical detection of faults in bearings, gears, or other mechanical malfunctions of movable parts, etc. (iii) electrical detection of arching and corona discharge in electric systems.

The results of all of these operations achieves substantial savings in; energy costs and maintenance costs; thus reducing the possibility of any uncontrolled production stops and assists in improving energy and in some cases safety. Air leaks cost money. You do not want to hear your money disappear.

Leaks cost Money!

Carbon Trust Giving Advice Video

Energy Saving advice: Compressed air – Testing for leaks Video
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Case Study – 2012 Nissan’s Air Leak Detection Squad Saves Energy Video

These Ultrasonic leak detector sets have many advantages and are used for numerous applications, and it is a neccessity for all staff involved in maintenance programmes / preventative checks. A practice all companies in this competitive World should be considering, adopting and implementing.

The production of compressed air is expensive, a 1mm leak around a half inch pipe joint will not be heared without ultrasonic leak detection equipment. At 6 bar, this leak is costing between £400.00 and £600.00 per annum with electricity costs of 5p-7p per kwh.

There is several ultrasonic leak detector sets in the EP range; EP500 ultrasonic leak detector and the EP542 ultrasonic leak detector (with stethoscope), EP2400 ultrasonic leak detector (with stethoscope) and the EP512 ultrasonic transmitter. All of these units quickly repay their initial cost outlay and save companies substantial in-house energy costs as well as reducing the possibility of any uncontrolled production stops and the other added benefits.

Leak Detection – Do You Still think Air is Free !!!

Compressed air is widely used and an effective propellant for many types of machines used in various locations within many industries: car industry, hospital service, laboratories, shipping, heavy engineering plants, etc. However compressed air (and other gases) are at the same time a very large cost to a company’s budget each year. It is therefore imperative and sensible to continuously inspect the company’s air, vacuum or gas installations on a frequent basis.

A leakage test may prevent more serious and costly problems from occurring or even show that the installation of a larger compressor is unnecessary.

The ultrasonic leak detector set consists of a very sensitive listening detector with a headphone (hearing protector) with loudspeaker connected. The system works by “listening”at a frequency band that normally is non-audible for humans – from 20 kHz and upwards (ultrasonic). This is unique as air leaks generate a lot of ultrasonic.

Ultrasonic sensors detect the disturbance (Ultrasound: 16 – 100 kHz) caused by turbulent flow from compressed air or any gas, which is produced by a leak. These high frequency sounds are heard through the EP electronic detector and converted into electrically and acoustic signals, which allows the detection of wasteful leaks. Audible noises from the surroundings are filtered off so the EP devices can also be used in noisy areas, when other production equipment is running.

Leak detection in systems without pressure can be made with an EP512 ultrasonic transmitter, that transmits pulsating ultrasonic, if so required. The EP 512 ultrasonic transmitter is placed inside a enclosure/tank to be examined, which is then closed. The user can then examine the enclosure/tank from the outside (22 m – 27m) and can easily detect, if any, leaks.

These ultrasonic leak detecting devices, are used extensively within many varied industries for finding leaks in numerous applications.

Steam Traps & Valves- All Fluid Valves
A major source of energy loss is through leaking steam traps and valves. Leaking steam traps are tremendously inefficient … it’s like trying to heat your house with the windows open. And bad steam traps are surprisingly common, roughly 30% of the traps in a plant with no trap testing programs will be leaking.

Advantages of the Ultrasonic Leak Detector Set with Stethoscope

• Portable and handheld
• Quick and reliable
• Safe and convenient
• leak testing of air, gases, steam, vacuums, airlines, pipes, tanks, etc.
• Testing of bearings, gears, hydraulics, pneumatics, enclosed casings
• Detection of rubbing, lubrication, etc.
• Ideally suited in noisy environments
• Substantial energy savings
• No more spraying
• Improves system performance and efficiency
• Reduces unplanned stoppages
• Locates faults quickly
• Preventative maintenance programmes
• Predictive maintenance programmes
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to use, no training required
• Energy conversation
• Arcing and corona discharge in electric systems.

Further information on how to implement leak detection techniques in compressed air from the Carbon Trust.

Compressed Air Guidance

• How to recover heat from a compressed air system (CTL166) pdf
• Compressed air maintenance checklist (CTL169) pdf
• How to implement leak detection techniques (CTL168) pdf
• How to purchase new compressed air equipment (CTL170) pdf

Satisfied customers of our ultrasonic leak detector sets include the following companies.

Logis-Tech also provide the option of a one day, on-site training and demonstration package.  This is where a companies operatives can be upskilled in the full uses of these ultrasonic detector set products and where they then can apply skills learnt to the companies specific needs.  The cost is £300 + vat per day.

For more operational details of using the ultrasonic leak detectors. Please visit www.logis-tech.co.uk