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PDA in Renewable Energy Systems

In broad terms the PDA in Renewable Energy Systems by open / distance learning has been designed to provide candidates with knowledge and understanding of current and future trends in energy production, sustainability and energy conservation issues and the role that Renewable Energy Systems technologies may play in meeting energy demands and in limiting global environmental damage.

The PDA will also allow candidates to gain a broad knowledge and understanding of the physics and engineering of many Renewable Energy Systems technologies so that they can make accurate, valid comparisons between renewable technologies when solving energy related problems.

Candidates will also be able to specialise in more depth in at least two specialist areas of Renewable Energy Systems by studying from optional Units in Biomass, Geothermal Energy, Hydroelectricity, Hydrogen, Microgeneration, Solar, Wave and Tidal Power or Wind Power.

Entry requirements:

The following qualifications are recommended for entry into the PDA:

• HNC or HND Engineering Systems
• HNC or HND Mechatronics
• A suitable multidisciplinary degree
• Other awards deemed equivalent to the above

If you have another HNC Engineering qualifications in an area such as Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering you may partially meet the requirements but you may have to undertake an additional bridging programme in order to fill in gaps in your technical education prior to starting the PDA (eg if you have an HNC in Mechanical Engineering you may find it beneficial to study electrical and electronic Units prior to taking the PDA).

The PDA in Renewable Energy Systems by distance learning consists of 4 mandatory credits and 2 optional credits. A total of 6 credits is required.

PDA in Renewable Energy Systems by open / distance learning (G8LP 48)

Mandatory Section (4 – credits)

Unit No:
Credit Value
F1YL 34
F1YN 35

Optional Section (2 – credits)

Unit No:
Module Title
Credit Value
F1YK 34
F1YR 35

There is only 6 credits required to obtain the PDA in Renewable Energy Systems by distance learning .  Furthermore, these credits can be used towards the HND in Engineering Systems.  Optional Modules which will be added shortly to the PDA for greater choice:

Unit No: Module Title Credit Value
F1YG 35 Biomass 1
F1YH 35 Geothermal energy 1
F1YJ 35 Hydroelectricity 1
F1YF 35 Hydrogen 1
F1YM 35 Solar 1
F1YP 35 Wave and Tidal 1

On completion of the PDA you can progress to a degree entitled BSc Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems. The exact point at which you are able to enter the B.Sc. will not only depend on successful achievement of the PDA but on what other qualifications you possess. Opportunities for candidates who successfully achieve the PDA to enter other degree programmes in the Renewable Energy Systems area may also be possible.

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