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EAL SVQ Level 3 Communication Electronics

These Level 3 SVQs are work based qualifications that are suitable for people working in an engineering environment.  These courses are suitable for ALL ages from young apprentices (16 – 19) to mature semi-skilled employees.  The learner meets with his assessor usually on a monthly basis and submits logs (personal statements) as well as answer unit knowledge questions to the assessor.  The work can also be submitted electronically, if this is more desirable.   The learner has to build a portfolio of evidence to obtain the qualification and assure his employer and future employers his/her competence in the industry.

The programme normally takes from about 12 months to 2 years to complete, depending on the experience and work ethics of the learner.  The assessor will also observe the learner in the workplace and .

What subjects will I study?

Subject studied will include:

• Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements.
• Reading and using engineering drawings and specifications.
• Working efficiently and effectively in engineering.

Other units will be set into a qualification pathway to suit the needs of the student and the employer, as detailed below.

How will I be assessed?

The SVQ is assessed on practical work in the work place and a portfolio of work. It also includes questioning to show an underpinning knowledge of engineering work, and is assessed by a trained assessor coming into your working environment and assessing you on real installations that you are working on.

For apprentices or semi skilled workers this programme/training gives the complete coverage of hands on practical assessments making a competent and highly skilled worker

How long is the course?

The SVQ is work-based and is designed to reflect the skills and knowledge of people who work in the engineering industry. The qualification is taken over 12-24 months depending on each individual.

EAL Level 3 SVQ Engineering Maintenance programmes

SVQ Level 3 Engineering Maintenance (Communication Electronics) SCQF Level 6: GC97 23

Engineering Maintenance (Communication Electronics)
Mandatory: ALL Assessment Routes must be completed:

SENM3/001 Complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements
SENM3/002 Using engineering drawings and documents in maintenance activities
SENM3/003 Working efficiently and effectively in engineering
SENM3/004 Handing over and confirming completion of maintenance activities

Optional: Select one from the following:
SENM3/016 Carrying out fault diagnosis on electronic equipment and circuits
SENM3/053 Carrying out fault diagnosis on communication electronic systems

Plus two more from the following:
SENM3/017 Testing electronic equipment and circuits

OR (But not BOTH)
SENM3/054 Testing communication-electronic systems
SENM3/018 Repairing electronic equipment

OR (But not BOTH)
SENM3/055 Repairing communication-electronic systems
SENM3/057 Modifying communication-electronic systems
SENM3/058 Configuring communication-electronic systems
SENM3/059 Installing communication-electronic systems

For more details on the EAL Level 3 SVQ in Engineering Maintenance (All Engineering disciplines) , please email hugo@logis-tech.co.uk