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Welcome, we are a leading UK supplier of ultrasonic leak detection equipment; the LeakShooter v3+, the VShooter vibration analysis camera, the TShooter contour detection camera, Flir thermal Imaging camera’s, Ofil’s Corona camera’s, SPx radiodetection equipment (CAT and Genny), work lighting, etc.,  since 2000 and sell worldwide.

A-1 Technical Training, a sub-division of Logis-Tech is an Approved UK Learning Provider (SQA, Edexcel, EAL and CITB) of HNC/HND, SVQ Level 2 and SVQ Level 3 Engineering courses (distance learning, vocational and full-time) plus short construction courses (Health & Safety in a Construction Environment – 1 day, Streetworks re-assessment for operatives and supervisors – 2 days). For more details on the short construction courses visit: www.swqr.org

New: “Introduction to the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Qualification (SQA)”. Click on PTDQ button on the main menu above.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection Equipment

The production of compressed air is expensive, a 1mm leak around a half inch pipe joint will not be heared without the use of a ultrasonic leak detector. At 6 bar, this leak is costing between £700.00 and £1200.00 per annum with electricity costs at 10p-12p per kwh. Typically, in many industrial applications you can have hundreds of leaks. Thus these ultrasonic detectors pay for themselves in a very short period of time. Satisfied customers of our ultrasonic leak detector sets include the following companies.

For compressed air or gas detection, ultrasonic leak detectors are the best option available.
These ultrasonic leak detectors can detect gas leaks, refrigerant leaks, compressed air leaks, nitrogen leaks, vacuum leaks and more! These portable handheld ultrasonic leak / stethoscope detector sets are not affected by noise, wind, sunlight or sudden temperature changes and do not require sensor replacement or calibration.

So why do you need to detect leaks? click here to find out! Download an information pack.

Our Top Products

The LKS1000 “LEAKSHOOTER” can listen and see the position of a leak. Using the latest technology it can be used to see and hear compressed air, oxygen, azote, steam… leaks / Electrical partial discharges, corona effects, electrical tracking / Vacuum systems leaks / Seal integrity, tightness test.
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Watch video of LeakShooter in Use.

The VShooter is a powerful “ALL IN ONE! portable device for your machine condition Analysis. The VShooter is a NEW INNOVATIVE Diagnostic Tool for preventive maintenance. The VShooter is used for fault detection in rotating equipment (fans, motors, pumps and gearboxes, etc,….). Unbalance, misalignment rolling element, bearing faults and resonance conditions can all be detected with the VShooter. On the MCP, MACHINE CONDITION PICTURE, you are able to read the measurements and see the colour coded condition of the machine, which is fused within its picture. ISO Velocity Vibration, Bearing conditions, Temperature, Speed and all detailed information shown in the MCP.Learn More
Watch video of vShooter in Use.

New to the Market.  The Tshooter (Thermal Contour Camera) is for the detection of abnormally hot or cold temperature zones. 

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Logis-Tech are also distributors of Flir Thermal imaging cameras and all of their accessories as well as Scangrip professional worklights.

Logis-Tech are also distributors of Scangrip professional worklights and all of their accessories.  Please visit our new dedicated website www.proworklights.com

A-1 Technical Training

A sub division of Logis-Tech Associates, is an approved learning provider, SQA centre (SQA- Scottish Qualifications Authority accredited, Centre No: 3009491) and deliver (i) several HNC in Engineering programmes by open learning / distance learning (ii) Two PDA’s, by open learning / distance learning and (iii) a HND in Engineering Systems programme by open learning / distance learning. Now also delivering Health & Safety for the Green Labourers CSCS card and Streetworks for the NRSWA / SWQR (operative and supervisor) card.

A-1 Technical Training is also now delivering the SQA Certificate in the Introduction to the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver SCQF Level 5 in the Glasgow Area.  More info at www.ptdq.org

A-1 Technical Training, Logis-Tech Associates is also an approved Edexcel centre (Pearson Edexcel BTech accredited Centre No: 04454) as well as being a student agency partner for a number of UK Universities and recruit for (i) several flexible HNC and HND open distance learning programmes (Edexcel accredited) (ii) BSc (Hons) in Management degrees in Business, Engineering and Logistics Management by distance Learning (work based).

Logis-Tech Associates are also accredited learning provider of EAL (SVQ level 3) and the CITB (Health and Safety courses) and have 4 other websites;

Main website for engineering courses www.openlearningengineering.co.uk and